It is critical for most organizations and their IT departments to keep enterprise information technology architecture, relevant hardware platforms, software applications and communication networks up to date and capable to address new business challenges and expanding requirements.

VIMEX has an extensive expertise in managing IT projects, including business process and enterprise IT architecture improvements, infrastructure migration, integration, software application development, deployment and outsourced services management. Through those project engagements, VIMEX's diversified project teams led analysis, upgrade and consolidation of corporate information systems, migration to new computing platforms and application software.

One of our complex IT program engagements, for a large client included corporate IT architecture analysis, infrastructure assessment, developing migration strategy for the legacy systems and implementation of the integration plan with the new systems and solutions:

Bullet2 IT Assessment and Migration Arrow_R Enterprise IT Architecture Integration.

This work was initiated in accordance with the adopted by the client approach and corporate IT strategy, defining the requirements for IT environment assessment, analysis and new platform migration program. The Program started with the IT assessment and strategy. It included updating the corporate IT strategy, issues awareness, tasking, problem determination, inventory and assessment.

The primary objective of the assessment and strategy project was to assist the corporate project management office and corporate business divisions in determining the migration readiness, outline the exposures, vulnerabilities and recommendations that were necessary to prepare for transition to the new IT infrastructure in both timely and cost-effective fashion. The scope of the program included inventory and assessment of IT and end user PC environments, embedded systems, telecommunications and facilities.

The IT migration strategy, solutions and guidelines developed and implemented as the result of this program, allowed the client to resolve the transition issues efficiently. Completion of this program resulted in successful corporate IT environment migration as planned, and ensuring that client business operations were not impacted in the process.